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My One Year Student Loan Payoff Update

  January 28, 2022 marked my one year anniversary of paying off my student loans . Reflecting back on choosing to pay off my student loans leaves me with several take a ways that I want to share with you! In September 2020 I decided to become debt free by utilizing the debt snowball method to pay off all my debt. Before this I had struggled to save and really understand basic financial principles. As a first-generation college student, I received a scholarship to attend undergrad for free, but the scholarship did not cover summers. During the summers I took out student loans to cover costs without paying interest rates or how much I was taking out. By the end of undergrad I had amassed a little under $17K. Fast forward to graduate school I received another scholarship that covered my education. At the time I was a teacher in a new very expensive city and I had missed the cutoff to have my paycheck last me throughout the summer. So, I decided to take out a loan for two summers to keep

Adult Daily Living Skills: Closet Organization

  (This a photo of me standing in my closet used as a thumbnail for my YouTube video on Adult Daily Living Skills: Closet Organization.)   Spring cleaning is upon us and I decided to get started a little early this year with organizing my closet. The constant tripping over things and clutter motivated me to get a move on it. Cleaning out my closet reminds me of moving because to do a good job you have to take everything out piece by piece. My closet is a pretty nice sized walk in with shelving that helps to keep things organized. I tackled this project in four parts by removing one set of clothes, sweeping, and dusting the shelves before placing the clothes back inside. I even did a little bit of color coordinating and made sure to pack up anything that I had not worn in a year to donate to Goodwill. The hardest part is finding one of those drop off boxes so they’ll most likely sit in my trunk for a month or three. I honestly wanted to give up midway through, as it became a little

I Think I Have a Disability! What Should I Do?

(This a photo of me holding my hand to my chin while looking inquisitive used as a thumbnail for my YouTube video on I Think I Have A Disability What Should I Do?)  Around the end of the semester I notice a lot of students being referred to Disability Services for academic support. Many times as the semester is ending the realization that a student may fail a course becomes more apparent. While this may be linked to several issues like not being familiar with the subject, sometimes there is a deeper concern at hand.  If you find yourself wondering do I have a disability ? Should I be registered with Disability Services? There are a few things to consider first. The first being have you considered other options? Have you fully participated in tutoring or worked with your classmates? Many times the issues you may be having can be fixed after fully improving your study habits and talking with others. Remember two heads work better than one! I also recommend students speak with their profe

Adult Daily Living Skills: STOP Making Minimum Payments on Your Debt !

  (This a photo of me holding my hand up with my palm facing outward while looking serious used as a thumbnail for my YouTube video on Stop Making Minimum Payments on your Debt.) Stop making minimum payments on your debt! Sounds crazy right? I know especially since I just paid off close to $4K in credit card debt but hear me out. This past week we received our stimulus checks and I decided to pay the remaining balance on a $4K personal loan that I had taken out in 2018 for a certification that I did not even need. In hindsight, it was a bad decision because I should have saved my money and paid cash versus taking out a loan. So for the past three years I have been paying the minimum balance on this loan. I even took “advantage” of skipping payments during the holidays and summer months. I don’t even want to think about how much interest I willingly paid to the bank. After finally paying off this debt it dawned on me Duggan, you could have paid off this loan much sooner! You SHOULD ha

Stimulus or Scam ?

  (This a photo of me clutching  my wallet with a surprised  look used as a thumbnail for my YouTube video on Stimulus  or Scam?) It’s stimulus season again and that means the scammers are out in full force and they want YOU! This time around, individuals who were not eligible to receive stimulus checks previously like people with disabilities who were dependents can and this makes them a target. Typically, scammers look for people who are easy to manipulate like the elderly, college students, and the disability community. Last time I checked your stimulus did not include compensation for any scams so be on the lookout for their many tricks. While these individuals are becoming even more savvier there are a few things that often give their lies away. Remember, if something is too good to be true than it is so go with your gut. This may sound like “Hey wanna make $100 on CashApp by giving me $10?” It’s a total scam guys don’t fall for it! Around this time you’ve probably noticed that

Adult Daily Living Skills: Making your Bed

  (This a photo of my bed all made up with a pink velvet comforter used as a thumbnail for my YouTube video on making your bed.) Last weekend I decided to get back to the basics by recording a video where I made my bed. Every two weeks, I wash my sheets and pillowcases. This is very important and relates to sleep hygiene. Sleep hygiene or good sleep habits assist you in sleeping better each night. Our sheets and pillowcases often carry dust and sweat particles so it is extremely important that you wash them on a regular basis. I mean who wants to sleep in sweat and dead skin cells ? I know I don’t! Don’t you just love the feeling after you’ve changed your sheets and taken them out the dryer ? It’s so warm and fresh and resets my whole day! If you can’t remember the last time you did this just throw the sheets away! Just kidding but seriously, you may need to add a little extra soap and bleach on the next wash! Here are some tips when making your bed: 1.       Start with the fitted sh

New COVID Relief Bill: What’s in it for the Disability Community ?

(This is a photo of me with one finger on my chin looking inquisitive used as a thumbnail for my YouTube video on New COVID Relief Bill: What's in it for the Disability Community?) As you’ve heard by now the new COVID Relief Bill has passed and checks may be hitting our bank accounts soon ! But there’s more to this bill than the coveted stimulus checks. This time around a few changes have been put in place that greatly benefit those with disabilities. After reading an article from here is what I gathered. The first being that those who make 75K or less whether they are a dependent or not will be getting a stimulus check . This was not in place before. Also, 9.3 billion is going towards independent living resources through Medicaid . This is a big win for those with disabilities living on their own .  Unfortunately, their will not be an increase in federal minimum wage or the elimination of subminimum wage for those with disabilities. Let’s not stop emailing our

See Ya Never Credit Card Debt !

(This a photo of me with my hands placed on each of my cheeks while looking surprised used as a thumbnail for my YouTube video on $3,753.53 of Credit Card Debt Gone!.) I paid off $3,753.23 of credit card debt in SIX MONTHES! I honestly cannot believe it! I am free of credit card debt!  I keep checking my  balance to see the number zero and it feels so good. In August, I decided that I wanted to pay off a few things but by September, I had found Dave Ramsey (debt fre e guru) who motivated me to dump  debt period! Since September, I have been “gazelle intense” by sticking to a budget, cutting out my wants, and staying focused. Reading up on financial literacy from Dave and Suze Orman have also really helped me to broaden my own knowledge in this area, which is something I have never done before.  Changing my mindset about money has been the biggest factor. I no longer view money with fear or as a pain in the butt.  Have you ever cringed at the thought of looking at your balance? Yeah tha

MORE Tax Tips for Students

  (This a photo of a sign that says "taxes" on a pile of money used as a thumbnail for my YouTube video on MORE Tax Tips for Students!) About a month ago, I recorded a video where I discussed the 1098-T. That video is now over 1.8 views and is continuing to grow by the day. Thank you all for your support! Well that got me to thinking what other tips can I give to students who are filing taxes this year? In case you did not know, the IRS opened on February 12 and many people have already received their tax refunds. Check out these quick and easy tips below if you are a student who plans to file their taxes soon.   1.  Know your dependent status.  Are your parent’s claiming you this year? If  you’re  unsure, ask them. This will help you to determine what tax credits best fit you. 2.  Scholarships are non-taxable income!  Apply for as many as possible. You could even claim a tax credit of up to $2,500 if you are not a dependent. 3.  Pay interest on your  student  loans.  Pay the

Adult Daily Living Skills: Are You Cleaning This ?

  (This a photo of me holding cleaning spray and bleach used as a thumbnail for my YouTube video on Cleaning Quick Tip.) You’ve probably noticed by now that I really enjoy cleaning. I especially enjoy making Adult Daily Living Skills cleaning videos. This past weekend as I was cleaning a particular item in my kitchen that I clean on a regular basis I thought to make a quick tip cleaning video. My apartment complex offers valet trash service meaning you place it outside your door during a certain time and they pick it up. Well I often notice how some people have the most disgusting trashcans I have ever seen. From crusted food hanging off the side and various spills I am completely horrified every time I see one especially since I clean mine every week! Do you clean your trashcan?  As in bleach,  Fabuloso , and hot water?  Well I do and sometimes I even spray it down with disinfectant spray AFTER I’ve done all that. Guys this  thing is in your kitchen (well mine is in a storage closet b