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My One Year Student Loan Payoff Update

  January 28, 2022 marked my one year anniversary of paying off my student loans . Reflecting back on choosing to pay off my student loans leaves me with several take a ways that I want to share with you! In September 2020 I decided to become debt free by utilizing the debt snowball method to pay off all my debt. Before this I had struggled to save and really understand basic financial principles. As a first-generation college student, I received a scholarship to attend undergrad for free, but the scholarship did not cover summers. During the summers I took out student loans to cover costs without paying interest rates or how much I was taking out. By the end of undergrad I had amassed a little under $17K. Fast forward to graduate school I received another scholarship that covered my education. At the time I was a teacher in a new very expensive city and I had missed the cutoff to have my paycheck last me throughout the summer. So, I decided to take out a loan for two summers to keep

MORE Student Loan Forgivness Mr. BiVen?!

  The Biden administration is back again with more student loan forgiveness ya’ll! It almost feels like a lottery at this point with everyone hoping that they will get the chance to have their loans forgiven too. In this episode of “Whose Loans will be Forgiven this Time”, 415 million dollars in student loan forgiveness will be given to students who attended several schools who were found to have not been honest about their job placement rates or other things that ultimately resulted in most closing down. Many of these schools advertised substantially throughout the years so the names that I am about to list should sound familiar. Figure 1: This is a thumbnail of my latest YouTube video "MORE Student Loan Forgiveness Mr. BiVen?!" where I am sitting in my office while looking at the camera. I have on a shirt that reads "To My Black People I Love You". The schools include ITT Tech, DeVry, Westwood College, and Minnesota School of Business/Globe University. Am I the on

Where Are The Black People in Higher Education?

  Where are the Black people in Higher Education? This is a question that I have posed to myself upon entering this field in the summer of 2019. As someone who worked in K-12 for several years with each of my principals being Black and the majority of the students being Black this was very shocking to me. In honor of Black History Month, I decided to bring this topic to the forefront to inquire about the lack of representation in this area. Figure 1: This is a YouTube thumbnail of my latest video “Where are the Black People in Higher Education?” I am sitting in my office looking at the camera wearing a black shirt that says “Curls, Kinks, and Waves”. As you know, I currently work in Disability Services at a university. The crux of my position is ensuring that students with disabilities are provided with accommodations to ensure their success throughout their college experience. At the end of last year I met with a student who was a Black young lady seeking services through our office.

Student Loans Transferred to a New Loan Servicer?

  Hey Guys! So two weeks ago tomorrow I paid off my student loans! That’s right they are completely gone! But on the morning of I got an email that my loans were about to be transferred to another loan holder! You can imagine my panic when I went in to make my last payment and couldn’t! I was so upset before I realized that while I couldn’t make a payment I could do a loan payoff. With many student loan holders choosing to no longer service student loans here are a few tips on what to do if your student loans are being transferred. Figure 1: This is a thumbnail of my latest YouTube video “Student Loans Transferred to a New Loan Servicer?” where I am seated in my office wearing a green dress and smiling  at the camera.   1.        Print ALL documents AND save them to the cloud. While I’m sure loan holders are doing everything in their power to ensure that your balance is correct I would recommend that you print every document that you find to place in a file in case something goes wrong

I Got A Refund! Guess What I Did With It?!

  It’s that time of the semester where courses have paid out and student refunds are on the way. My FAVORITE part of the semester if I must say so myself! In case your new to my blog a refund is the overage from your financial aid. You will know that you are getting a refund because your account will have a negative balance. This is the only time in life where a negative balance on an account is a good thing! Figure 1: This is a thumbnail from my YouTube video “I got a Refund” where I am smiling at the camera while sitting in my office. The background is a light brown, and I am wearing a black shirt. This semester I racked up four scholarships that covered my balance completely and left me some spending money! Here’s the summary of my scholarships: ·        $676 Private Donor Scholarship ·        $750 Graduate Grant ·        $500 Scholarship for working part-time at a community college ·        $1,210 Employee Scholarship So for anyone who tells you that they are no scholarships YES th