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The Department of Education Changed the rules for student loan forgiveness

 The Department of Education has "silently" changed the rules to student loan forgiveness that will affect at least 800,000 borrowers. On September 29, 2022 the Department of Education made a few changes for those who obtained the Perkin's and Federal Family Education loan.  Here is the language directly from the Dept of Education "As of September 29, 2022 borrowers with federal student loans not held by ED cannot obtain one time debt relief by consolidating those loans into direct loans". Previously individuals who did obtain theses loans were able to receive loan forgiveness. Figure 1: This is a thumbnail of my latest YouTube video "Student loan forgiveness guidelines have changed" where I am sitting in my office while looking at the camera with a suspicious look.  Many speculate that potential lawsuits could be the reason why the Dept of Ed has changed it's language recently. Long story short the banks who insured these loans will not receive an

I Got My Summer Refund Check!

  It’s my favorite time of the semester you know the one where free money is involved?! My semester started a week ago and my refund posted shortly after. If you’ve been reading my blog or watching my YouTube channel, then you know I am a champion for scholarships and free money. This past year my employer decided to pay for doctoral degrees in full which greatly assisted in my debt free journey. Figure 1: This is a thumbnail of my latest YouTube video “I Got My Summer Refund Check” where I am sitting in my office with my hand under my chin with a smile while looking at the camera. Although my schooling is paid for, I still have several scholarships that provide some overage. My goal is to not only obtain my doctorate degree for free but to make money while doing it! This summer I received two scholarships for $500 each for a total of $1000! One scholarship was given to me by the university without me having to apply while the other is for my work with a local community college.  With

2022 New Scholarship Search Engine

  A few weeks ago, I spoke with a librarian about a summer camp that our office is hosting. During our conversation she introduced me to a new scholarship engine that I knew nothing about. The best thing about this scholarship resource is that it is free and for graduate students too! So, let’s get into the details! Figure 1: This is a photo of my latest YouTube video "2022 New Scholarship Search Engine" where I am smiling and looking at the camera while seated in my office. Gale Peterson’s Test Prep offers materials for exam preparation, assessments, eBooks, and scholarships. This resource can be found at your school’s library (try the public library too) in the database section located on your school’s website. If you are unsure on where to look then consult with a librarian who will be able to tell you more.    Figure 2: This is a photo of the Gale Peterson’s Test Prep logo.   Once you log into GPTP: 1.        Scroll down to “Find a School” 2.        Choose between College

Another Student Loan Debt Update from Mr. Biden

  Alright guys, I’m back with another student loan forgiveness update but this time it sounds like we may be on to something here! Several reputable reports have stated that Mr. Biden will be making an announcement soon regarding widespread student loan forgiveness. If you remember during the Biden Administration’s campaign trail there was much talk about forgiving $10K in student loan debt for all borrowers. Now, it seems like we may be at the doors of this actually happening! Figure 1:  This is a thumbnail of my latest YouTube video “Another Student Loan Update from Mr. Byron where I am resting my hand on my chin with a suspicious look on my face next to a photo of Joe Biden. Biden had planned to announce this last month but due to a trend of recent events in our country this was put on hold and rightfully so. Several sources are saying that Biden will announce the $10K in student loans that he previously promised to borrowers. However, there will be some restrictions. This will only