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How to Get a Free Doctoral Degree

Hey Guys! It’s been awhile right?! I know but I am back and ready to give you all the information you need! If you missed it last week on my channel , I discussed how you can get a free doctorate degree. If you’ve been following my doctoral journey, then you know that I am currently working towards my doctoral degree in higher education. I recently finished all of my coursework and I am officially working on my dissertation proposal this semester. I chose to work at a university so that I could not only work with students but so that I could also receive a discounted education. In the beginning of my journey, I received a $1,600 stipend towards my courses, and I paid fees out of pocket. I also received several scholarships along the way that helped to cover most of my fees. Last year my university decided to cover doctoral degrees at 100% for all professional staff which was a major benefit. While I understand that most folks do not want to join the education world don’t let this s

2021 FAFSA Tips!

  So I recently completed my FAFSA and per usual it took less thank fifteen minutes. This got me to thinking on a few helpful tips for those completing the FAFSA for the first time or those who were resubmitting like myself. I know FAFSA can be stressful for some and a breeze for others so these tips will serve both sides of the coin. Figure 1: This is a thumbnail of my latest YouTube video on “2021 FAFSA Tips” where I am looking at the camera while seated in my office smiling in a black top. Use a Desktop or Laptop: Yes, you can complete FAFSA on your phone however when completing important documents using the largest screen possible is a must so that you don’t miss out on any important lines or other information. Head over to the Financial Aid office to use their desktop computers and get assistance if you don’t have one. Use the Transfer Feature: This feature allows you to transfer all of last year’s information to your new application. You can also transfer over yours or your

More Student Loan Forgiveness From Mr. Biden?!

Alright y’all the Biden Administration is back with another poke at student loan forgiveness. This time with a complete overhaul of the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program also know as PSLF. This overhaul could provide immediate relief to over 22,000 folks!  PSLF is for eligible workers within public service i.e. police officers, government workers, and teachers who made 120 payments (10 years) on the right type of loan and that were enrolled in the correct payment plan.  Figure 1: This is a thumbnail of my latest YouTube video on “More Student Loan Forgiveness from Mr. Biden?! where I have a curious look on my face next to a picture of Joe Biden.” The problem is that only 6% of people were being approved for PSLF in addition to a world of other issues. Many people were also denied due to paying on the incorrect loan, not being enrolled in the correct payment plan, and working for the wrong type of employer. With Biden’s overhaul individuals who were paying on the wrong loan or enr

I Got My CARES Act Funding!

Well guys my CARES Act funding has arrived ! This is my second round of CARES Act funding that I have received  since online students have been allowed to obtain the funding.  This go round I did not have to complete an application or even apply for the funding. The money was automatically applied to all enrolled students at my university.  Figure 1: This is a thumbnail of my latest YouTube video “I Got My Fall CARES Act Funding” where I am looking at the camera with a surprised face. I am a part time graduate student taking 6 hours of coursework and I received $550! Talking with a few undergraduate students they all received at least $1K in funds if not more. I’m not sure the amount given per credit hour or undergraduate v graduate but I am pretty impressed with the amounts given. If you’ve been following me for some time now then you know what I plan to do with this money. It’s going straight towards my student loan debt all $550 of it. Thanx to this chunk of change I am now paying

FAFSA Season is Here!!

  FAFSA season is finally here guys! Are you ready? As of October 1, 2021 you are now able to complete your FAFSA or the application for federal aid to assist your college in determining eligibility for federal financial aid. Without this, you will most likely have to pay for college by other means that do not involve governmental assistance like scholarships, grants, and other free money. So now is the time to gather all of your needed documents and parent’s documents if you are a dependent. Figure 1: This is a thumbnail of my latest video on “FAFSA Season is Here” where I am sitting at my desk with my arms folded while looking at the camera. If you have not already create a FAFSA ID by going to, this is also where you will complete your FAFSA. Next, gather the documents you need to apply like your social security number, your parent’s social security number if you are a dependent, tax records, Driver’s license if you have one, and you alien registration number if you are no

CARES Act Funding Didn't Come Through Now What??

  So your CARES Act funding didn’t come through and you’re wondering what your next steps should be. After posting a YouTube video about this topic I received a comment from a young man who stated that his university was holding CARES Act funding hostage and that it would be months before he even got a response. I was shocked to hear this being that my university released these funds immediately! He even sent me a video to a Zoom town hall meeting where the students from his university asked very tough questions as to why this money had not been released. That got me to thinking about what students should do if they find themselves in a situation like this. Figure 1: This is a thumbnail for my latest YouTube video on “CARES Act Funding Didn’t Come Through Now What” with a photo of me in my office talking to the camera while smiling and wearing a white shirt with a Gold sparkly “D” in the corner. I actually decided to read the comment in full on my channel as well as my response so the