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I Got My Summer Refund Check!

  It’s my favorite time of the semester you know the one where free money is involved?! My semester started a week ago and my refund posted shortly after. If you’ve been reading my blog or watching my YouTube channel, then you know I am a champion for scholarships and free money. This past year my employer decided to pay for doctoral degrees in full which greatly assisted in my debt free journey. Figure 1: This is a thumbnail of my latest YouTube video “I Got My Summer Refund Check” where I am sitting in my office with my hand under my chin with a smile while looking at the camera. Although my schooling is paid for, I still have several scholarships that provide some overage. My goal is to not only obtain my doctorate degree for free but to make money while doing it! This summer I received two scholarships for $500 each for a total of $1000! One scholarship was given to me by the university without me having to apply while the other is for my work with a local community college.  With

Adult Daily Living Skills: Black Friday Shopping

  (This a thumbnail of my Adult Daily Living Skills: Let's Go Shopping" YouTube video.) So thanx to COVID the ever so exciting  Black Friday looks a little different this year . Most retailers are breaking the holiday up into several weeks of deals to prevent people from running to the stores at once and saying the heck with social distancing. This last weekend I decided to take a part in the fun since my Tupperware had disappeared again and I saw a deal for a $20 ring light ! After not being able to get these items online (because they sold out in minutes) I got up at 4am to head to Walmart . Check out the video below to see how things went ! Be sure to like, share, & subscribe !  Adult Daily Living Skills: Black Friday Shopping

Finish your Semester Strong !

(This is a photo that says "Keep calm it's nearly end of semester".) As the semester begins to draw near if your like me your starting to feel it. Everything is due and your just trying to keep a handle on things. With so much happening at once h ere’s a few quick tips to get you through: Check your grade portal & ask questions !  Tie up any loose ends by completing all assignments.  Are you a student with a disability ? If so, don’t forget to utilize your accommodations .  Communicate with your teachers or professors  by email, Zoom, or a phone call.  Now is not the time to slack off because of the holidays go harder ! Practice self care. Do some yoga, read a book, or watch your favorite show ! Want to know more about how I'm handling the end of the semester? Check out the link below!  Don’t forget to like, share, & subscribe:  Finish Your Semester Strong

Adult Daily Living Skills: Budgeting

  (This is a thumbnail of my Adult Daily Living Skills: Budgeting YouTube video" Over the last few months I’ve made a decision to become better with my finances. I'd gotten tired of getting paid only to portion out most of it to monthly payments towards my debt and not even having enough to cover the things I actually needed. Soon after I heard about a guy named Dave Ramsey on Instagram. Browsing through his social media I saw people paying off crazy amounts of debt that were much larger than mine and I decided to do the same. I started this journey with taking his financial assessment that placed me at step 2 of the infamous “Baby Steps”. In step 2 you are paying off debt using the debt snowball and gaining control of your budget. (This is a phot of Dave Ramsey's 7 Baby Steps)  I gained control over my budget through the Every Dollar budgeting app and The Envelope Method. The Envelope Method is a budgeting strategy where you build discipline through sticking to your budge

Adult Daily Living Skills: What's the Big Deal ?

  (This is photo of Ms. Duggan holding pink cleaning gloves, cleaning spray, and bleach while smiling) Adult Daily Living Skills or Activities of Daily Learning (ADLs) are activities that are performed on a daily basis that are necessary to live independently. These activities often include organization, personal hygiene, and money management. Many individuals within the disability community can benefit from hands on instruction on how to complete these ADLs. However, due to COVID many day treatment programs are closed or not operating at full capacity. This creates another barrier for the disability community to access needed resources. To combat this barrier I have decided to create a YouTube channel that will serve students and adults with disabilities. My YouTube channel will feature weekly videos that center on organization skills, educational resources, and Adult Daily Living demonstrations. If you would like to request a video to be made that centers on one of these topics pleas