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My End of Year Doctoral Horror Story

  Hey guys! Ms. Duggan is back! I know it’s been awhile since I updated my blog but as you know I was working in Italy as a mental health clinician on an archaeological dig site. Don’t worry you will get ALL the details later. I’m finally back at work and getting back to my normal busy life and things are going well so far. But around the time I got back into the swing of things I had a major doctoral catastrophe! (Figure 1: This is a thumbnail of my latest YouTube video “My Doctoral Horror Story” where I am looking at the camera with a terrified look.) While I was away, I was still enrolled in two courses that had been going pretty well. I actually finished one while I was in Italy and received an A in the course.   The other course had one last assignment due that I planned to finish once I got back to the states. However, to my surprise it was due while I was in Italy and I was totally not prepared to finish it. (Figure 2: This is a photo of Ms. Jay, an African American male fashion

I Got A Refund! Guess What I Did With It?!


It’s that time of the semester where courses have paid out and student refunds are on the way. My FAVORITE part of the semester if I must say so myself! In case your new to my blog a refund is the overage from your financial aid. You will know that you are getting a refund because your account will have a negative balance. This is the only time in life where a negative balance on an account is a good thing!

Figure 1: This is a thumbnail from my YouTube video “I got a Refund” where I am smiling at the camera while sitting in my office. The background is a light brown, and I am wearing a black shirt.

This semester I racked up four scholarships that covered my balance completely and left me some spending money! Here’s the summary of my scholarships:

  • ·       $676 Private Donor Scholarship
  • ·       $750 Graduate Grant
  • ·       $500 Scholarship for working part-time at a community college
  • ·       $1,210 Employee Scholarship

So for anyone who tells you that they are no scholarships YES there are and Ms. Duggan told you so! Even with each of these scholarships I am still looking and applying for more! I want all the free money I can find! It is also worth noting that you can receive a refund with other forms of financial aid that include things like student loans. However, this is not really a refund, and you will have to pay this back WITH interest so stick to the free money.

Figure 2: This is photo that says “Scholarship” on a black graduation hat sitting on top of several $100 bills.

After each of these items paid out, I received $258.50 that I used to pay off my last student loan! That’s right ya’ll I am officially student loan debt free! No more and never again! Seeing that zero-balance felt like Christmas morning. I am so beyond thankful and over excited! I did it! Don’t worry I will be filling you in soon with all of the details so be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you have not already. Did you receive a refund? If so, how much? Drop down in the comments and let us know! Also, be sure to become one of my weekly email subscribers so that you know about updates before anyone else!

Figure 3: This is a photo of a heart with the words “Debt Free “in the middle. The heart is drawn on a beach in the sand. 


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