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Fall Refunds are Here for College Students

 It’s my favorite time of the semester…REFUNDS! A few weeks after the semester begins all of your financial aid pays out and if there’s any left over you get a refund! You will know that your receiving a refund if there’s a negative balance on your account. It’s the one time in history where you actually want to see a negative balance!  Figure 1: This is a thumbnail of my latest YouTube video where I am in my office with a surprised look on my face.  This semester I paid $241 in fees and I received a $500 grant for individuals who work at community colleges. Oh yeah  did I mention I work at a community college too part time as a tutor? Anyhoo, since I had already paid off my student account I received the $500 as a refund. If you’ve been watching my YouTube videos or reading my blogs then you already know this money is going to debt.  Figure 2: This is a photo of three $100 bills and three $50 bills. With refunds posting to accounts daily you want to make sure that you are constantly c

Adult Daily Living Skills: STOP Making Minimum Payments on Your Debt !


(This a photo of me holding my hand up with my palm facing outward while looking serious used as a thumbnail for my YouTube video on Stop Making Minimum Payments on your Debt.)

Stop making minimum payments on your debt! Sounds crazy right? I know especially since I just paid off close to $4K in credit card debt but hear me out. This past week we received our stimulus checks and I decided to pay the remaining balance on a $4K personal loan that I had taken out in 2018 for a certification that I did not even need. In hindsight, it was a bad decision because I should have saved my money and paid cash versus taking out a loan. So for the past three years I have been paying the minimum balance on this loan. I even took “advantage” of skipping payments during the holidays and summer months. I don’t even want to think about how much interest I willingly paid to the bank.

After finally paying off this debt it dawned on me Duggan, you could have paid off this loan much sooner! You SHOULD have paid off this loan much sooner! Especially since, I paid off close to this amount in 6 months. That brings me to my point STOP making minimum payments on your debts! I was able to pay off such a large balance in a short amount of time because I paid double even triple at times!

I paid so much that I would even get an alert that asked if I was sure that I wanted to make another payment! Uhh YEAH! Now I understand that you may not be able to pay a lot in extra towards your debts however, if it is only an extra $10 or $20 it all helps. Remember, the banks want you to pay more so don’t fall into that trap like I did. You got this! Check out the video below for more information on why you need to stop making minimum payments.


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