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My End of Year Doctoral Horror Story

  Hey guys! Ms. Duggan is back! I know it’s been awhile since I updated my blog but as you know I was working in Italy as a mental health clinician on an archaeological dig site. Don’t worry you will get ALL the details later. I’m finally back at work and getting back to my normal busy life and things are going well so far. But around the time I got back into the swing of things I had a major doctoral catastrophe! (Figure 1: This is a thumbnail of my latest YouTube video “My Doctoral Horror Story” where I am looking at the camera with a terrified look.) While I was away, I was still enrolled in two courses that had been going pretty well. I actually finished one while I was in Italy and received an A in the course.   The other course had one last assignment due that I planned to finish once I got back to the states. However, to my surprise it was due while I was in Italy and I was totally not prepared to finish it. (Figure 2: This is a photo of Ms. Jay, an African American male fashion

President Biden Extends Student Loan Repayment Again!


President Biden has extended student loan repayment again. In case you had forgotten, interest and payments were set to resume on September 30, 2021 but now this has been changed to January 31, 2022. Another extension leaves me to believe that these loans aren’t going anywhere. I mean think about it why wouldn’t Biden just cancel them at the end of September? Why does there need to be another extension? In case you can’t tell I have lost all hope in student loan forgiveness. I actually started paying on my student loans in April 2021 and my balance has decreased by about half! I had five student loans through FedLoan Servicing and I am on number four of five. My ultimate goal is to have them paid off by the end of this year and I am working incredibly hard to meet this goal.

Figure 1: This is a thumbnail of my YouTube video “Student Loan Repayment Extended Again!” where I am wearing a black shirt with birds on the front with my hands folded in front of me with a suspicious look on my face while sitting at my desk.

What does this whole extension mean for student loan forgiveness? Are you still keeping the faith alive? Do you have plans to tackle your student loan debt? For me personally I am tired of giving my hard-earned money to someone else and I want to get rid of this debt so I can reach my financial dreams. It seems like I might be the only one who feels this way at the moment! Why do you think so many others have just given up on even attempting to pay their student loan debt? While I understand some people’s balances are astronomical, anything can be accomplished with effort.

This is a photo of an orange stick figure wearing a graduation cap with a student loan ball and chain tied to his ankle.

You may not know this but FedLoan Servicing will actually stop servicing student loans at the end of their contract. While I’m not quite sure what all this may entail I do know that typically with new companies come new policies and procedures and I want my loans to be long gone before that happens!  The student loan debt crisis seems to be never ending for us millennials and many people have truly given up. While my faith has dwindled in student loan forgiveness my mindset has broadened in my abilities to pay off debt and to pay it off quickly. Are you interested in learning how I’ve been tackling my student loans? Drop down in the comments and let me know if you want to create a plan to expand your own financial goals I’d love to tell you how I plan to get there!

Figure 3: This is a sign that reads “Financial Freedom Just Ahead”.


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