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I Got My Summer Refund Check!

  It’s my favorite time of the semester you know the one where free money is involved?! My semester started a week ago and my refund posted shortly after. If you’ve been reading my blog or watching my YouTube channel, then you know I am a champion for scholarships and free money. This past year my employer decided to pay for doctoral degrees in full which greatly assisted in my debt free journey. Figure 1: This is a thumbnail of my latest YouTube video “I Got My Summer Refund Check” where I am sitting in my office with my hand under my chin with a smile while looking at the camera. Although my schooling is paid for, I still have several scholarships that provide some overage. My goal is to not only obtain my doctorate degree for free but to make money while doing it! This summer I received two scholarships for $500 each for a total of $1000! One scholarship was given to me by the university without me having to apply while the other is for my work with a local community college.  With

Fall 2021 HEERF & CARES Act Funding is Here!! (FREE Money for College Students!!)💵🤑💰


A few days ago, I was surfing on my universities homepage and I noticed that there was a message at the top regarding summer II HEERF and CARES Act funding. Since I was enrolled in both summer semesters, I decided to send an email to the person listed as the contact to ask if I could receive more CARES Act funding for the fall semester. Since I had been enrolled in the first part of the summer and had already received funding I was not eligible but I was told that another round of CARES Act funding would be given in the fall! In case you did not know HEERF funding is the Higher Education Emergency Relief Act that was enacted for college students due to the pandemic. HEERF provides billions of support in education through CARES Act funding for enrolled students.

Figure 1: This is a thumbnail of my YouTube video on “Fall 2021 HEERF & CARES Act Funding is Here” where I am wearing a black shirt with a surprised look on my face.

Now while I am not sure on how much you will receive this time around I do know that you have to apply for funds and the earlier you apply the better! I believe the requirements to receive funding will be the same as the other rounds of the CARES Act. For example, you need to be an enrolled student who is taking courses, have a need related to COVID, and apply for the funding. Also, I do not believe you receive the money right away as when I received the CARES Act summer funding it came a few weeks after classes started. You will receive the money however you typically receive your refund, which is most likely direct deposit so make sure this is updated with the correct bank account information. 

Figure 2: This is a photo of the capitol next to wording that reads “Information for Students about the CARES Act and the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF).


This money will not go to any past balance that you owe to your university however, if you have a past  balance contact your financial aid department and ask if there is any HEERF funding that can be used to take care of your current past due balance. Of course, I will update you as more information becomes available but be sure to reach out to your financial aid department directly on when you can apply for this funding and who qualifies. Will you be applying? Has your school released any information about HEERF funding? If so, drop down in the comments and let me know! Be sure to check out my latest video on the subject below!

8/20/2021 UPDATE:

Hey guys here’s a quick update. I went back to my university’s homepage where the CARES Act funding message is posted to see if I could apply for fall funding. It turns out that the money will be applied automatically and I don’t have to complete an application like before. Be sure to reach out to your own university to see if the money will be applied automatically or if you don’t need to do anything! 


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