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Fall Refunds are Here for College Students

 It’s my favorite time of the semester…REFUNDS! A few weeks after the semester begins all of your financial aid pays out and if there’s any left over you get a refund! You will know that your receiving a refund if there’s a negative balance on your account. It’s the one time in history where you actually want to see a negative balance!  Figure 1: This is a thumbnail of my latest YouTube video where I am in my office with a surprised look on my face.  This semester I paid $241 in fees and I received a $500 grant for individuals who work at community colleges. Oh yeah  did I mention I work at a community college too part time as a tutor? Anyhoo, since I had already paid off my student account I received the $500 as a refund. If you’ve been watching my YouTube videos or reading my blogs then you already know this money is going to debt.  Figure 2: This is a photo of three $100 bills and three $50 bills. With refunds posting to accounts daily you want to make sure that you are constantly c

Come with Me to San Antonio, Texas VLOG!

Hey guys! This past week I went on a trip to Austin and San Antonio, Texas with a group of students that I tutor. Yes, I know I was just in Austin a few weeks ago but I was only there for a few hours to visit the The University of Texas at Austin before heading to San Antonio where we spent the rest of the trip. This has been the most traveling I have done since 2019 and it felt great! With this new Delta variant who knows what travel restrictions will look like in the next few months! 

Figure 1: This is my YouTube thumbnail for my latest video with four pictures of me sightseeing at different places in Austin, Texas. 

While I had been to Austin before this was my first time in San Antonio and I really enjoyed myself! The trip was jam packed with college tours, sight seeing, and lots of great food. The group of students I went with are in a TRIO program for high schoolers enrolled in an early college program. Many of the students are working towards an associate’s degree. I help to tutor in English by going over their papers and making sure that they meet all the necessary requirements for their college classes. 

Figure 2: This is a slide from a PowerPoint that explains what TRIO is. 

We attended three college self guided  tours where we learned more about The University of Texas at Austin, St. Mary’s University, and Texas A&M University San Antonio. Since many universities are doing self guided tours due to COVID be sure to choose schools that provide some sort of guidance on how to navigate the campus on your own . While most of the schools did one did not which made it very difficult to explore the campus. On one of our tours the students got to see a college dorm room which provided a great view of college life. 

Figure 3: This is screen shot from my VLOG of the Texas A&M San Antonio sign.

I personally enjoyed the sight seeing the most! We explored The Alamo, Tower of America’s, a ferry ride, the aquarium, and a ghost tour. I think the ghost tour was the most memorable being that San Antonio is BEYOND haunted. After a two hour ghost tour with a guy who admitted to seeing ghosts after he was killed and came back to life at age three I was glad that we stayed at a regular hotel that was not haunted! 

Figure 4: This is a photo of me smiling sitting next to two skeletons while waiting for the ghost tour to start. 

Oh and did I mention the food!? I probably gained an extra few pounds after this week! We ate at a lot of great places like The Menger Hotel, Dave & Busters, Bubba Gumps, Bucca di Beppo, Hard Rock Cafe, and Golden Corral. The hotel even had a continental breakfast every morning which I took full advantage of! Just thinking about that makes me want to go back haha! Be sure to check out my latest VLOG below and tell me what you think! Have you been to San Antonio before? Did I miss any great spots? Do you believe in ghosts?  Drop down in the comments and let me know!

Figure 5: This is a photo of a juicy bacon cheeseburger with fries and ketchup from the Hard Rock Cafe.  


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