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Summer Jobs for Students

  Summer is here and there is money to be made especially if you are a college student! I’ve spoken with many students who are taking advantage of their summer break by working extra hours since they are either not taking classes or not taking as many. Are you a college student who is looking to make some extra money? If so, keep reading for a few helpful tips! Figure 1: This is a thumbnail for my YouTube video on Summer Jobs for Students where I am smiling next to money emojis.   The first thing I always recommend is using your campuses’ hiring platform. Many campuses have a special platform that they use to post student jobs that are available on campus. You can also take a stop by the place that you would like to work and ask if they are hiring and how you can apply. Career Services is another great place on campus with leads on available jobs. In undergrad, I worked at a store on campus that served hot and cold foods. I actually was hired during the summer at an on campus-hiring

Adult Daily Living Skills: At Home Pedicure (Grooming)

(This a photo of my feet in a pedicure bowl with bubbles used as a thumbnail for my YouTube video on At Home Pedicure (Grooming).


Now that I am on a debt free journey, there are several things that I have cut out one of them being my prized monthly pedicure and manicures. There was a time when I did not miss a beat with heading to my personal nail tech. Rain, sleet, or snow I was there! But then COVID happened and we couldn’t go anywhere. Since then I have started to do my own at home and it hasn’t been as a bad as I’d thought. To enhance my at home experience I bought a foot spa from Walmart for $19, pedicure tools, and some fancy scrubs. Overall, I spent about $34 at which I budgeted for of course! Before I decided to upgrade my tools, I had been using a plain old bucket to soak my feet in. Don’t judge me!

This past weekend I decided to record a video using my new products and I think I got a little carried away with the pedicure soak that I bought judging by the growing bubbles that reached up to my knees! Overall, I would say that my $19 foot spa was a great buy and made me feel like I was at the salon. I would highly recommend! I also purchased a four-step pedicure system called “Pedi in a Box” that included mango bath salts, a scrub, a masque, and lotion. Guys, this topped any fancy pedicure experience that I have ever had and it was only $7! Want to see how my new pedicure routine went? Check out the video below and don’t forget to subscribe!


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The eBook is HERE! Purchase Below!

  That’s right guys my eBook is finally here! You would not believe how hard I have worked on this over the last several weeks. The purpose of this book is to provide Adult Daily Living Skills for individuals who want to or already live independently. The book has six ADLs with an activity and lesson plan for each. I also have an accessible copy for all of my folks who utilize screen readers. Be sure to send me an email with proof of purchase at and I will be sure to send you the accessible version for free. I hope to write a more in depth book with even more ADLs in the near future so be on the lookout! Now where is that coupon code? Check it out below! Figure 1: This is the cover of my eBook. I am standing in the kitchen smiling with my arms folded while wearing a white top and pink skirt. Coupon Code: Ms. Duggan Link for eBook Subscribe to my YouTube channel: Subscribe to My YouTube Channel  

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